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Hughes Associates Inc.

  3610 Commerce Drive,
Suie 817
Baltimore, Maryland 21227-1652, USA
Tel : 410-737-8677

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Company Profile

The recognized experts in fire engineering services.

Founded in 1980, Hughes Associates, Inc. (Hughes) is a global company offering fire protection engineering, environmental, and security consulting services. Hughes experts draw on their in-depth knowledge to help clients reduce life safety risk, comply with building and fire safety codes, and reduce environmental impact. Hughes staff are internationally-renowned engineers, scientists, and computer programmers, as well as training and other specialists. Hughes is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland with over 35 regional offices throughout the world. Our fire research laboratory and testing facilities complement our traditional consulting, engineering and forensic services. As a result, Hughes is able to provide both unique research capabilities and global application expertise.

Our Business Category

Consulting, Architectural, Engineering Services

ADA consultant
Engineering Technician, Alarm and Detection
Engineers, Alarm and Detection
Building and Fire codes
Engineers, Fire Protection
Engineers, Fire Safety Design
Engineers, General
Consultants, Code Compliance
Engineers, Special Hazard System Design
Consultants, Communications
Engineers, Suppression, water based sprinkler
Fire Modeling
Consultants, Electrical
Intelligebility Modeling
Consultants, Environmental
LIfe Safety Analysis
Consultants, Fire Protection
Litigation support and document management
Consultants, Haz-Mat
Consultants, Hazardous Chemicals & Gases
Specializing in Building Fire Code
Consultants, Life Safety
Consultants, Loss Prevention & Risk Engineering
Consultants, Power Quality, Lightning Protection Fire Detection/Suppression


Training, Codes and standards seminars
Training, Fire Safety, CEU's
Training, Fire Safety, CEU's not available
Technical Publications/Technical Book Stores, specific to Fire/Security Industry


Policy interpretation,Building code and cost
Code Analysis
Electrical Systems
Special Hazard Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Sprinkler and Water Systems
Industry experts, campus fire safety


Accident Investigation
Loss Investigation, Electrical Systems
Arson Investigation
Loss Investigation, Fire Alarm Systems
Evidence Collection
Loss Investigation, Hazardous Chemicals
Fire Investigation
Loss Investigation, Sprinkler Systems
Fire Reconstruction
Loss Investigation, Vehicle Fire Incidents
Loss Investigation, Code Analysis

Service or Installation

Inspection, Testing, Maintenance of Sprinkler Systems
Inspection, Testing, Maintenance of Suppression Systems
Fire Alarm System Design
Inspection Services
Voice Systems, MNS
Inspection, Testing, Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems

Areas of expertise (Occupancy/Application/Environment)

Aircraft Hangars
All Commercial - We serve all industries and service organizations
Clean Room
Corporate, Commercial
Cyclone Separators, Dust Collectors, Fluid Bed Dryers,Grain Elevators, Pneumatic Conveying, Process Isolation, Pulverizers, Ring Dryers, Spray Dryers, Waste Shredders
Data Processing, Data Centers, Computer Rooms, Server Rooms
Dust Collector
Education (grades K-12)
Education, Residence Hall, Higher Education, Dormitories, Campus, University, University Computer Rooms, University Laboratories, Fraternity, Sorority, Greek Housing
Education, Universities
Explosion Protection
Government, including GSA
High Ceiling
Historical, Cultural, Museums, Priceless works of art
Maritime, Marine engine rooms and machinery spaces
Museums, Archives
On-Board Vehicle, High value mobile equipment
Power Quality Engineering
Power Transmission
Religious, Places of Worship
Residential & Multi Family
Road Tunnels
Student Housing, Off Campus
Student Housing, On Campus
Telecommunications, including Internet, ISP, Internet Service Providers,Cellular sites and relay towers, PBX rooms, Switchgear enclosures
Turbine, Turbine and generator enclosures
Warehousing, General
Warehousing, Refrigerated Storage
Warehousing, Speciality Storage, Flammable Liquid Storage, Hazmat Storage



Business Reference

Company Name City State Country
Statue of Liberty New York New York
Library of Congress Buildings US Capitol Complex, Washington DC
University of Colorado Boulder Colorado
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universalís Islands of Adventure Florida
Millennium Tower San Francisco California
The Childrenís Hospital Aurora Colorado

Key Personnel

Name Title Email
Dave Boswell, SET President/CEO
Bruce Campbell, FSFPE DOE Support
Thomas Bush Director, Environmental
Terry Fay Flow Software Support
Dan Funk Electrical Engineering
Elizabeth Kleinsorg, PE VP, Powers Systems
Eric Rosenbaum, PE VP, Mid-Atlantic Region
Wayne Moore, PE VP, Northeast/Midwest Region
Hamid Bahadori, PE VP, Southeast/Southwestern Region
Scott Chong, SET, CFPS VP, Europe/Asia Pacific/Middle East/Africa Region
Kyuback Choi Country Manager, China
Luciano Borghetti Europe
Scott Chong, SET, CFPS VP, Europe/Asia Pacific/Middle East/Africa Region
Steve Gwynne United Kingdom
Human Resources

Areas we do business in

Within the US
Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Puerto Rico | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virgin Islands | Virginia | Washington | Washington D.C. | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming |

Countries outside the US
Austria | Belgium | China | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary | Ireland | Italy | Korea, South | Luxembourg | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom | Vatican City |

Contact Us

Name : Wayne Moore PE,CFPS, SET

Title : Vice President

Email : Contact

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Company Showcase
Reputation for Excellence

HAI has earned a reputation for delivering high quality consulting, engineering, testing, R&D and training services that protect people and property, while preserving architectural design intent.
Exceptional Technical Expertise

HAI staff are technical leaders in their respective fields of specialization. HAI is a leader in fire R&D and high end engineering applications. HAI staff have been recognized for their exceptional service, innovative designs, and unparalleled contributions to the science of fire engineering.
Unmatched Code Knowledge

HAI consultants, engineers, and scientists are seasoned professionals with in-depth, hands-on experience in their specialties. Their participation in industry and regulatory organizations gives them unique insight into both code requirements and intention. This insight not only enables them to provide practical, cost-saving solutions, but also to act as a powerful advocate for their clients with regulators.
Comprehensive Services

HAI is a single resource for all of the fire safety and consulting services our clients need for the design, construction and/or renovation of facilities, including expert consulting, engineering, fire modeling, design, and training.